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Healing with Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling &
The Definition of a Spiritual Counselor

As a spiritual counselor, I am committed to facilitating the healing of the wounds and the beliefs that create the negative conditions of life. I provide my clients with counseling in a safe, non-judgmental environment in which they can explore their lives, their fears and their pain and work to heal on all levels: Spirit, Mind and Body.

A counseling session with me will help you to understand your concern and its cause. Through specialized treatment, using all of my training, you will be provided with a plan of treatment and you will be guided in the healing of your life and affairs through right thinking, right action and spiritual understanding.

Sheila Star Coulbourn, RScP, HHP


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About the Triune Nature logo: The feather represents the divine message from a higher source and the
starburst represents the realization of that message. So, the divine message of
Spirit flowing through Mind and manifesting in Form (Body) hence,
Spirit ~ Mind ~ Body Connection.

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